SutureUK X BLSS Basic Surgical Skills Course 2021/22

In previous years, BLSS joined forces with Suture UK to deliver a Basic Surgical Skills Course for a group of students each term. The students would meet up over 6 sessions where they learn different knot tying and suturing styles. This course is a fantastic opportunity for the students to develop confidence in surgical skills which they can then demonstrate in theatres when shadowing surgeons. The course was taught by a surgical trainee based in the Barts NHS trust with the help of medical students who had previously completed the course. Throughout, the participants received live feedback on their progress and pointers on where to improve. At the end, each participant would be assessed and, if successful, given a certificate of completion.

In 2021/22, the course took place three times throughout the year. We hope to continue this course in 2023/24.

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