London Anatomy Cup 2022/23

For the past two years, the London Anatomy Cup has taken place across the London Medical Schools. This is a fantastic opportunity to show off anatomical knowledge as a team, in the form of a timed quiz.

The London Anatomy Cup, which was first organised in 2020/21, is a thrilling competition involving all 5 London Medical Schools: Barts and The London, St George’s, Imperial College London, University College London and King’s College London. The competition was solely of an anatomy focus and sought to determine the top Medical School amongst London in terms of their anatomy. In order to compete, each Medical School organised and carried out their own internal competition, comprising of various rounds of quick-fire questions, to identify the strongest team of three to represent their Medical School. Once each Medical School had identified their top team, they all went head-to-head in the final competition. 5 different teams meant 4 different rounds, with one team being eliminated per round. Once the final winning team had won, they were gifted with the London Anatomy Cup trophy and were the ones to host the next anatomy cup at their Medical School. Us here at Barts and The London have been runners up twice but have never secured the victory ourselves.

Hopefully next year will be the year Barts wins!

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