12th National Undergraduate Surgical Conference: Creating the Future Surgeon Blueprint

Every year, BLSS hosts a National Undergraduate Surgical Conference and invite our members to explore the field of surgery more deeply. The conference lead decides on the theme and delivers a conference with the help of their subcommittee over a 1-2 day event. We aim for the delegates to leave inspired with newly developed surgical skills.

This year, BLSS focused on the theme: Creating the Future Surgeon Blueprint. Lucy, our conference lead, hoped to prepare the delegates for the future. Her team achieved this by organising a two-day event. The first taught delegates about the exciting developments within the field of surgery. The second day focused on developing new surgical skills, and advancing those skills for those with a basic skillset. The conference was a great success, and achieved two awards in the end of year award ceremonies.


Date: 25th – 26th February 2023

Location: St Bartholomew’s Hospital

Delegates: 45

Conference Lead: Lucy Harriss

Day 1 Order of Events

  • 08:50 Registration
  • 09:15 Introductory Talk & Sponsor Presentations
  • 09:45 Setthasorn Ooi: “The Future of Surgery: A Medical Student’s Perspective”
  • 10:30 Mr David Jones: “Sustainability in Surgery: Greener Operations”
  • 11:15 Coffee Break
  • 11:30 Mr Jaime Palmer: “ConMed”
  • 12:45 Lunch
  • 13:45 Mr Tom Ryder: “3D LifePrints”
  • 14:15 Dr Sara Volpi: “How to Ace the CST Portfolio”
  • 15:00 Medical Student Oral Presentations
  • 15:45 Final Thanks by our Staff President, Mr Pramod Achan

Day 2 Order of Events

  • 10:15 Day 2 Registration
  • 10:45 Dr Matt Barrett: “Becoming an Entrepreneur as a Medical Student”
  • 11:30 Coffee Break
  • 11:45 Workshop 1
  • 12:35 Workshop 2
  • 13:25 Lunch
  • 14:10 Workshop 3
  • 15:00 Workshop 4
  • 15:50 Day 2 Final Thanks

Workshops Included:

  • Basic Surgical Skills
  • Laparoscopic Skills, run by Purple Surgical UK
  • Vascular Anastomosis
  • Chest Drain Insertion


An important focus for this conference was sustainability. Surgery is an incredibly wasteful industry, and conferences (a major part of networking), also contribute. Therefore, we made sure all merchandise was responsibly-sourced and eco-friendly – this includes the lanyards, and the merchandise wallets and notebooks. We inserted the new Green Theatre Checklist into the merchandise packs for the delegates to read. We made sure there were plant-based food options available at lunchtime. We understand that not everything will be sustainable, but we believe this conference has shown that changing small aspects can make a big difference.

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